Today EMC-30R passed 90 first submissions! This is such a great milestone for the test and for me. I am now working on the third (!) official norm for this test. EMC-30R was my first send-in test and the first test I calculated Cronbach’s Alpha on, and I’ve learnt so much from this test. High score on EMC is 24/30, and the range goes from 5. Cronbach’s Alpha is currently 0.67.


PMA32E was my first test on, and that one has passed 500 first submissions on IQexams. High score is 25/32. I’ve gotten to know so many inspiring people doing these tests, and they just keep on coming, both the tests and the people 🙂

Quality is very important to me, and I work hard on keeping it high on my tests!

So grateful for all the submissions!

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